Lesson series

Develop your Planters Franchise

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Must be registered under our nonprofit organization

Training included.

Complete training courses

Courses consist on food prep, team work, and sales.


Planters Ministries acquires 16% of all earnings

Franchise materials

All ads, promotions must be approved through Planters Ministries, Inc.


Caf'es are fundraisers conducted under the church. No unit will use alcohol beverages or any tobacco products in fundraiser hubs.

Ongoing  support

Corporate teams will assist each hub for location approval, product approval, and proper advertisement and promotions.

What's included?

  • Business cards - 50 per month, per 2 managers per hub.
  • 1 Certification letter
  • Franchise fliers and decals per quarter
  • Hiring Videos
  • Promotion expense once donations exceed $500 per month consistently

Purpose, Values + Vision

Training VIDEOS instructed by the visionary and founder / Todd Polite,BA


Guide your staff to recognize, shed and transform personal and combative business beliefs, hindrances and blind spots that creates ongoing profit decrease. We create a measurable and sustainable action plan within days, not months. 

Planters Assemblies, Inc.

Creating jobs. Building communities.
We wanted to inspire and train youth to further advance their careers in the service industry and provide adequate resources that they can continue to learn from.
Todd Polite.BA - Instructor
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