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Purpose, Values + Vision

Team oriented:
We work as a team and not as a competitor. If you're able to see yourself as a contributor to what we're building we're ready to work with you. However, if you see yourself as an opportunist to disrupt chain of command and divide team effectiveness. This is not a good fit for you. We'll depart ways and find folks who are able to work together. 


Do what you say, don't procrastinate. Team leads are looking for contractors with integrity. We're on the same team, so our goal is to continue to build healthy relationships. We're willing to help you succeed.

Course Lessons

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Tech savvy

Since 2019, We’ve been privileged to coach various backgrounds of people, including visionaries, executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to impress our clients with quality work from skilled professionals like you, while developing a peace of mind for both client and contractor.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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