Vendor marketing

Getting started

Networking vs. Selfishly working

Todd Polite.BA

Instructor / Business director


Each main stream event promoted by Eddie test productions provides vendors an opportunity to be marketed with the upcoming event or events.

What's included?

  • Keys to networking
  • Booth set up at an agreed location
  • Joint business flier circulation throughout area of event. 1000-2500 print and distribution.
  • 2 Event Videos
  • 1 Flier PDF printable

Vendor set-up

Each vendor must have the acquired business license and/or organization certificates to set up a booth at a Eddie test branded event. All events are managed by SABADOS, CORP.

Set up: Vendors must bring their own table up to 6-9 feet x 3 feet only. Table cloth, and information that specifically explains what you are promoting and/or selling.

Tents: Outside events will require vendors to have a tent. No tents are allowed in inside events where the ceiling coverage is less than 15 feet.

Non-competitive agreement: Vendors cannot display or promote the same products as another vendor on site. 

Event arrival:
Vendor must be present at least one hour before event begins for proper set up and display overview.

Alcohol / Tobacco / etc. : No drugs, guns, alcohol or tobacco is allowed on site. 


Vendors must always present themselves, their products, and other vendors booths in a professional manner. We will not tolerate negative or demeaning social sharing or profile bashing. Any demeaning response from any vendor will automatically remove vendor from the event and may relate in a $50 fee for flier and social advertisement. The remainder of balance will be refunded to vendor 30 days from event date.

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